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Tammy "Got Abs" Wright

Hi, I'm Tammy "Got Abs" Wright and I love teaching Zumba classes! I never thought that I would be able do the dance movements, but once the music started to PLAY I forgot about what I thought I could not move. The Desire is to INSPIRE and every class feels like a party! You will not realize that you are working your core, getting some cardio, and toning several muscles while dancing to the Latin / International music. I invite you to check out my classes and I am sure you will agree! My class schedule can be found several ways:


You can search Waldorf, Maryland or ABC Wellness & Fitness Center or click "Contact Instructor" to send me an e-mail.


MONDAYS & THURSDAYS 6:30pm - 7:30pm

SATURDAYS 9:30am - 10:30am *Only if we have 5 or more paid participants*


   *Available for Zumbathons and community events



3010 Crain Highway, Ste 100

Waldorf, Maryland 20601


BUSINESS PHONE: (301)885-0ABC (0222)


"Come try it, I believe you will have a blast and I look forward to meeting you!"


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